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Re: Questions of legality WRT dvd software


On Ter, 2003-07-08 at 12:21, Stephen Gran wrote:
> The reason I'm writing is because I wonder about two things - the
> program itself is only a single .c file, about 15K compressed, and I
> wonder if there is any point in packaging up something this small and
> easy to compile.  Granted, it's not some 4 line shell script, but it
> still seems to push the lower bounds of reasonable.

If you feel it doesn't "deserve" it's own package, maybe you could
arrange a merge with another related package, even though I can't really
think of any suitable one.
IMO it should be packaged independently for one reason: ease of
distribution. End users should be freed - whenever possible - of the
"burden" of compilation and hand tunning of programs.

> The second thing is the legality of this.  There are, I know, issues
> around the DMCA and friends that govern what you are allowed to do with
> dvd's, at least in some uncivilized countries, and I don't know if a
> program that's sole purpose is to extract stuff off of dvd's will be
> redistributable by Debian.  I know that apps like transcode are not in
> Debian, although I don't know if this is is the reason.  Anybody
> familiar with this terrain feel like commenting?

For your second problem, I think debian-legal is a better place to ask,
though I assume you will encounter resistance in your path...
Worst case scenario: package it anyway and create a personal repository,
like many before you! =]


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