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Asking for a sponsor

Hi all,

I'd like to adopt the bg5ps package (orphaned for some time now) as the
first step as I try to get into Debian officially.  I thus would like to
find someone who would like to be my sponsor.  The package information:

Description: A utility to print Chinese Big5/GB documents using TrueType fonts
 Bg5ps is a utility to output a Postscript file from a Chinese Big5
 or GB2312 encoded document by using TrueType fonts.
 Postscript files produced by Netscape and mpage that contain Big5 or
 GB2312 characters can be filtered by bg5ps so that the Chinese
 characters within can be printed correctly.
 If you want to use the configuration tool 'bg5psconf', make sure you
 have the package python-gtk installed.

Currently I have a new package created, which include new man pages, and a
new setup procedure that adhere to debconf.  A flag is also added to the
script (yes, the bg5ps is essentially a Python script) to close a wishlist
bug report.

BTW, the bg5psconf program is already broken (even though nobody filed a bug
against it---I guess nobody use bg5psconf), and I haven't yet deal with the
problem.  The program has a rather strange upstream status: the original
upstream URL is no longer valid, and the most current package is
synchronized with the "Chinese Linux Extension", which is an extension to
the Redhat Linux.

If you are interested in helping me improving the package and put them into
the actual Debian archive, please let me know.  Thanks very much!


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