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Re: How to deal with bogus bug reports (#197352)

On Mon, Jun 16, 2003 at 10:43:25PM +0200, Johannes Rohr wrote:
> some days ago someone filed an obviously bogus bug against a package
> I'm co-maintaining (nautilus-media, bug #197352), i.e. he complained
> about being unable to install the gnome-core metapackage on hppa
> because nautilus-media on which gnome-core depends is unavailable on
> that arch. 

What you do is dependent on the maintainer and their philosophy.

> But still, one Debian user felt the urge to file a "critical" bug
> against nautilus-media, justification: "breaks other packages". This
> is of course nonsense. nautilus-media does not break anything, it is
> just not there, yet -- without any fault of its own.
That's a misuse of "breaks other packages".  For starters there is
dependencies, so that generally rules out using that justification.
Secondly as you say installing nautilus-media doesn't break gnome-core.

> What is the generally accepted way within the "Debian culture" to deal
> with such reports? Do I close the bug right away? Do I downgrade it?
> Do I reassign it (in this case to gstreamer)?
I'd close it.  At the very worse tag it wontfix and set it to normal.
But its not a real bug and should be closed.

  - Craig

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