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How to deal with bogus bug reports (#197352)

Dear all,

some days ago someone filed an obviously bogus bug against a package
I'm co-maintaining (nautilus-media, bug #197352), i.e. he complained
about being unable to install the gnome-core metapackage on hppa
because nautilus-media on which gnome-core depends is unavailable on
that arch. 

The reason is that the build-depends cannot be satisfied, as gstreamer
continues to FTBFS on hppa and a number of other arches.

This is quite obviously not the fault of my innocent little

But still, one Debian user felt the urge to file a "critical" bug
against nautilus-media, justification: "breaks other packages". This
is of course nonsense. nautilus-media does not break anything, it is
just not there, yet -- without any fault of its own.

Now, what can I do with such a bug? In bugzilla, one could simply tag
it as "RESOLVED, INVALID" to leave a marker that the report itself was
the bug.

What is the generally accepted way within the "Debian culture" to deal
with such reports? Do I close the bug right away? Do I downgrade it?
Do I reassign it (in this case to gstreamer)?

Thanks in advance!

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