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Re: libgtop2 NMU and advice asked.

On Sun, Jun 08, 2003 at 08:53:47AM +0200, Sven Luther wrote:
> I am currently preparing a NMU for libgtop2, which is broken and whose
> maintainer told me has no time to fix right now.
> Now, the problem was that the libgtop library moved from 0.so.0.0.1 to
> 0.so.1.0.1, and the install rules didn't catch this changes.
> Now, if i understood this change right, it is because the major so
> version did change from 0 to 1, right?

Afaict, yes it looks like the soname changed from libgtop-2.0.so.0 to
libgtop-2.0.so.1. Use 'objdump -p' to be sure.

> This means that all apps using it need to be rebuilt with the new
> version, right?  Are there any particularities i need to be aware of
> when doing this, and how will i notify package which need to be
> rebuilt?
(If my guess above was correct) The change in the soname reflects a
binary incompatible change, you'll have to do the usual package
renaming (libgtop-2.0-1, libgtop-2.0-1-dev) and submit bugreports with
request for rebuilding.

However, before you do anything like this, you should check that
binary compatibilty was indeed broken and that the soname change was

> (Currently reading the Policy document, but it doesn't say much about
> this, is there another reference document speaking about shared lib
> soname ?)


  cu and- please take this with a _big_ grain of salt, I am by no
       means what you'd call an authority for libtool or even library
       packaging -reas

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