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Please help: libsigcx not moving into testing

[CC'ed debian-mentors, as I'm really clueless here]

Michael Koch <konqueror@gmx.de> writes:

> Hi Andreas,
> It seems your package libsigcx prevents libsigc++ and some packages 
> depending on it from moving into testing. Can you please look into 
> this issue ?
> http://bjorn.haxx.se/debian/testing.pl?package=libsigc%2B%2B-1.2&expand=1
I've wondered about this, too and I don't quite understand why
libsigcx isn't going into testing, since I really don't grok this one:


What strikes me is this (from above URL):

| Updating libsigcx makes 4 packages uninstallable on alpha: libsigcx-0.6-1, libsigcx-0.6-dev, libsigcx-gtk-0.6-1, libsigcx-gtk-0.6-dev
|     * libsigcx-0.6-1 has no testing candidate 
|     * libsigcx-0.6-dev has no testing candidate 
|     * libsigcx-gtk-0.6-1 has no testing candidate 
|     * libsigcx-gtk-0.6-dev has no testing candidate 

So how can libsigcx break it's own binary packages (libsigcx-0.6-1,
libsigcx-0.6-dev, ...), which aren't even in testing yet:

| rotty@auric:~% madison libsigcx-0.6-1 libsigcx-0.6-dev libsigcx-gtk-0.6-1 libsigcx-gtk-0.6-dev | grep testing 
| rotty@auric:~%

And furthermore: Why do they have no testing canditate?

Any help really appreciated.

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