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Re: ncurses

Barry Pollock <barryp@mail.hurontel.on.ca> writes:

> I am doin some ncurses stuff for ed the line editor to make it print
> screens of text as well as lines I am getting undefind references to
> main.c:1676: undefined reference to `tparam'
> I have included termcap.h and ncurses.h and the ncurses libray hasbeen
> recognized as well as the termcap stuff has been mentioned.

"Undefined reference" errors almost always imply that you're failing
to link against some library; does your link line include "-lncurses"?

> There is also `U' and `D'
> which cause ed to print -24 lines or _+24lines to the screen
> I would like to eventuly have ed recognize the up and down arrows as
> well as the page up and page down This would speed up editing a great
> amount.

You are aware of the "visual" version of ed, vi, which has several
implementations in Debian, and is pretty much standard on every
version of Unix out there?

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