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Re: The Debian Mentors Project


Fabio Massimo Di Nitto wrote:
> Really nice job but the first side effect is already there:
> Package: icaclient
> Version: 6.30-2
> Priority: optional
> Section: net
> Maintainer: Christoph Haas <email@christoph-haas.de>
> Depends: libxaw7

And that looks like it is f*cked. Is this Depends: done manually?
I do not thing dpkg-shlibdeps did that. Where is libc6?

> I think upload must be moderated somehow. Even the uploader himself claim
> that he is unsure about licence of the product.

Jup. That is bad.

<joke mode="teacher" language="german">Christoph: setzen, sechs :)</joke>


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