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Re: generate a dependencies list

On Tue, May 13, 2003 at 12:03:39AM -0300, Pablo Lorenzzoni wrote:
> Hello!
> That's exactly what I've already tried. :-) See... I've reported that in my 
> previous email. The problem is that it gives the complete dependency list 
> (and I can parse that), but I couldn't figure out how to discover what a 
> virtual package (reported between < and > by apt-cache) depends on.

Hi Pablo,

Man, not sure how I missed that, sorry. If I've got this right virtual 
packages don't really have dependancies. Instead they can be provided by 
any number of a set of packages already in the archive. I ran 'apt-cache 
showpkg awk' and noted that there are no Dependancies: or Provides: 
items but there is a slew of Reverse Provides: which might be how the 
virtual packages keep track of packages that Provide: the virtual 
package name. A really good example of this is <xserver> which has a 
huge list of xservers in the Reverse Provides: list. If you run 
'apt-cache showpkg mawk | less' you should notice a set of Provides for 
awk with version numbers. So in effect virtual packages have no Depends: 
information, which is why your script doesn't return anything. Not sure 
how you would script that, the output of showpkg does not prepend each 
listed package with the control field name. I wonder why... Oh well, 
hope this helps, and anyone is free to correct me. Its far too early for 
my brain to be fully online.

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