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RFS: eli -- compiler cunstruction kit

Package(s): eli, eli-doc
Version:    4.4.0
Upstream:   elibugs@cs.colorado.edu
URL:	    http://eli-project.sourceforge.net/
Licence:    GPL

eli is a set of tools for compiler construction (lexer, parser
generators, handling of semantic analysis with AGs, commandline
parser generator, debugging tools, ...) that integrates and unites 
all of the tools so you have not to worry about their interaction. 
It generates executables or C-source code.

Documentation is provided in texinfo format. eli-doc contains
it also in html and ps format, hence the split.

debs for i386 stable and the source code can be found at 
deb http://www.lichtenheld.de/debian/ ./
deb-src http://www.lichtenheld.de/debian/ ./
(eli_4.4.0-3 and eli-doc_4.4.0-2 are the current versions)

The related ITP bug is #68262, very old one, I changed the submitter
to me because the original one is not responding any more.

This is my first package, so be warned *g*
Checked it with lintian and linda, there are one warning (both lintian
and linda) and three errors (only linda) but that are false alarms.

I'm not currently in the NM process, but working on it (getting my key
signed in the next weeks, searching an advocate, ...)


*** Frank Lichtenheld <frank@lichtenheld.de> ***
          *** http://www.djpig.de/ ***
see also: - http://www.usta.de/
          - http://fachschaft.physik.uni-karlsruhe.de/

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