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Re: Flogging a dead horse....

B. Douglas Hilton wrote:
I'd use my http://www.gyrodynamic.net/spacecommander_0.3.3-2.tgz
Space Commander program, but it is has languished for a very long
time. Poor old program. Nevertheless, if that is what it takes I
will ressurect it and hack in Text Elite or something.

Sorry, broken link. The correct link is:


I'd Debianize it, except is _way_ pre-Alpha. Its only unique feature
is that I remapped angles to 0-255 and wrote custom sin / cosine
functions so that by using overflow of byte variables it would
turn and spin. In effect, I created my own trigonometry system
customized for high performance computer calculations.

... what does a computer care if you divide 2pi by 360 or 256?

There is major OO C++ code in spacecommander. Wish I had some
support on the project. It is designed for old MesaGL and will
likely not compile anymore. Not that it was anything great
anyways, but it is a truly original program that I wrote from
scratch except for using some freeware tcp sockets lib. The thing
requires a client / server scenario. I wrote it back in 1999
I think.

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