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Re: greetings! - PennMUSH debian package

On Sat, 29 Mar 2003, Titus Barik wrote:

> 	1. Is the license for PennMUSH okay?

If it's standard artistic, then yes.

> 	2. Is there any interest for such a package?

>From the incredibly long list of "Packages of Dubious Interest" (which I
can't find now, but which was very funny when I read it) I wonder whether
anyone else has ever asked that question before packaging anything.

In short, since you seem to want it, I'd say "yes".

> 	3. Should I (may I) package it?

You are free to package anything you want (including non-free software). 
The bigger question is: will it go into Debian?  For that answer to be 'yes'
you'll need to traverse the hell which is (supposedly[1]) the New Maintainer
process or find a sponsor.  Sponsors are DDs who are willing to check and
upload packages on your behalf.  I've done it in the past; my time for such
activities has dwindled to less than zero lately.

I'd suggest that, if you have the time and energy to put into the process of
making a package, then do it, if only so you can put it in a private
repository and apt-get install pennmush when necessary (I did that for about
18 months before I decided to become a DD).  When it's working well for you,
then post about it here and ask for a sponsor, or head into NM (or both,

[1] I didn't find it that painful, and I went through fairly recently (< 12
months ago).  Did what I needed to do, demonstrated my competence, and
waited ~1 week to get my account.  I've had longer response times from
people paid to help me, let alone unpaid volunteers...

- Matt

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