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Request for a sponsor - lMule (Linux port of eMule)


I'm looking for someone who is interested in sponsoring the following
of my Debian packages:
       - lMule (1.1.12) which basically is a Linux port of the eMule
       Client. lMule is a file sharing tool a la KaZaA. It has a GPL
       license which makes it really attractive	;-) 

The unofficial versions of these packages can be obtained from:
deb http://p1107.dslnas-01.cybertron.at/debian/ unstable main
deb-src http://p1107.dslnas-01.cybertron.at/debian/ unstable main

I should probably also mention that this is my first _from_ the
scratch Debian package so it might/will not be perfect, but I hope to get
the necessary assistance here ;-)

With kind regards

     Igor Boehm

| Igor Boehm,                              |    .''`.     |
| IT Student and Debian user,              |   : :'  :    |
| Johannes Kepler University Linz,         |   `. `'`     |
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