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RE: [OT] A question for programmers - Inspiration

| >The first is looking to other people for problems to be solved.  You'll
| >never find the inspiration in solving problems that don't affect you.
| >Since you don't feel the itch, you don't get much satisfaction from the
| >scratch.

	I agree whole-heartedly.  Find a program/package that you actually use that
doesn't work quite the way you want it too.  This can be a messy
configuration or from function overload or you think that you just plain do
it better.  For example, I've somewhat recently been working on a
fetchmail/getmail replacement.  I think that fetchmail suffers from function
overload; and getmail, written in python, can be slow.  I wanted a quick and
simple POP3 tool.  I have written a tool called gathermail to be just that.
It's, IMHO, 621 lines of straightforward, well(?) documented C code that
does just what RFC 1939 says to do.  I'm not entirely happy with it, but I'm
getting there.
	In short, find something that doesn't work and fix it.



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