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Re: Missing files in /etc

This one time, at band camp, Karolina Lindqvist said:
> The problem is that those files sometimes tend to disappear by themselves in 
> some instances when upgrading. I don't know what circumstances. Maybe due to 
> bugs in the packages? Maybe aborted upgrades? It is a reoccuring thing on the 
> debian-kde list that someone has one of the essential files missing.  And as 
> the problem occur often enough, I was thinking about somehow safeguarding 
> that it can't happen.
> If there are no mechanism that can prohibit this behaviour, the only thing I 
> can think about is a shell-script in a postinst file that checks for the 
> essential files. Or in preinst, that checks for this file, and somehow tell 
> dpkg to install it, if I could just figure out what that could be. 
> Does that sound like a good idea?
> Karolina

I've seen this behavior occasionally on some of my boxes, and I wonder
if the problem is that the newer version of a pckage has a conffile that
the older version doesn't have.  Hmmm . . not very clear.  Like this:

package-foo_1.2 conffiles:  file1

package-foo_2.0 conffiles:  file1

Does dpkg interpret the (missing) state of file3 as appropriate?  I
haven't had the chance to investigate.  I would think that the intended
behavior is no, but I've seen this come up on various lists and here, so
I wonder.

And I would think postinst seems like the place to do it.  You culd
either generate it in postinst, or test for the existence, and copy it
from /usr/share/doc or somesuch, I suppose.
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