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Re: Missing files in /etc

Karolina Lindqvist <pgd-karolinali@algonet.se> writes:

> onsdagen den 8 januari 2003 18.57 skrev Raphael Hertzog:

>> apt-get -o dpkg::options::="--force-confmiss"

>> You can put it once for all in a file in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/.
>> Check man apt.conf for details.
That is the individual solution when the trouble is there. But is
>there no way to make the package so that the trouble does not occur,
>or at least is warned for?

     Policy prohibits overriding conffiles that have been changed by
the admin.  Deleting a file is considered changing it.  One must
assume that the admin deleted the file for a reason.  Debian does not
prevent users from shooting themselves in the foot.  However, I
believe the new conffile will be installed as <filename>.dpkg-dist.


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