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Re: question about creating own devices

On Mon, 2 Dec 2002 01:43, Thorsten Sauter wrote:
> I'm currently createing a package which needs a device file in /dev.
> This device is only available after applying a kernel patch, so
> the standard makedev script doesn't known anything about it.

File a bug report against makedev.

> Rever to the debian policy 11.6 (device files), packages should not
> create device files without the makedev script. But the whole package
> isn't usable without the device.

As an interim measure you could make the device in the postinst while waiting 
for a new makedev.

> So, is it legal to create the device (with the mknod command) after
> quering the user via debconf ("should I create the device for you...?")?
> And removing it in the postrm script (only if the package is purged)?

Only on non-devfs systems.  Check the the presense of /dev/.devfsd, if it 
exists then don't create the device node at installation time or remove it at 
uninstall time.

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