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Florian Weimer <fw@deneb.enyo.de> writes:

> jmarant@nerim.net (Jérôme Marant) writes:
>>   What about ACT not fixing bugs in the GNAT public releases?
> They do fix them, but they have extremely long release cycles.

  Would it be that hard for them to send patches?

>>   What about them not caring at all for bugs reported in the
>>   BTS and not sending any patch?
> Only two of the bug reports have been forwarded to them, so you can't
> really blame ACT.  And for one of those forwarded bug reports, I
> remember reading public comments by ACT.

  Currently, only ACT customers will get bugfixes in a reasonnable
  time frame. So, bug reports help their customers rather than
  those who reported them, unfortunately. This is why I'm saying that
  this is not a proper cooperation with the community.

>>   The next GNAT maintainer must be warned that ACT does not
>>   cooperate very nicely with the community and it is still the case
>>   of the GNAT in the GCC tree.
> ACT is quite helpful even if you haven't got a support contract, but
> they do not accept proxies, i.e. they expect Debian users to contact
> them directly.

  Yes, but again, they won't send patches.

Jérôme Marant


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