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Some questions about patching source

Hello all,

I am putting together a .deb of cosmos (the xscreensaver module) for
personal consumption - I don't think it's suitable to go into Debian
proper, as upstream seems to have disappeared (at any rate, the site
where I originally downloaded the source is gone, and google returns
only old hits).  The problem I am having with putting it together is
that in order for it to build from source, it needs a compiled
xscreensaver source tree to pull some headers and other things from.

The plan I have come up with is to put all the files it needs into a
debian/patches directory, and alter the Makefile accordingly.  This
works just fine, although it makes the resulting .diff about twice the
size of the original source code, and it means it need to be redone
every time there is a new xscreensaver revision.  Does anyone have any
experience with this sort of thing, and have suggestions for automating
this process, or dealing with it differently?

If this is too off-topic (since I don't really intend it for Debian
itself) let me know, and I'll toddle off to -user or somewhere.

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