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Re: orig.tar.gz

"Joel Baker" <lucifer@lightbearer.com> writes:

> It's easy enough to create an orig.tar.gz: 
>     tar -czvf libc12_1.6.orig.tar.gz libc12-1.6/*.bz2
> produces one. However, I run into a problem at this point; future releases
> of the package (-2 and above) might well need to pull in different files
> or parts of the source tree. This would result in a different orig.tar.gz
> file, which seems like it wouldn't work - however, it also seems silly (and
> probably confusing) to version it as Debian-native, since there is a clear
> versioning point in the upstream sources.

Disclaimer: I'm not in the keyring, and have therefore never uploaded a
            package myself, so I don't know if my suggestion is worthless,
            but nobody else seems to mention what appears to me as the
            obvious, so here goes..

You could try running dpkg-buildpackage with the -sa option for each
upload you want to regenerate the fake upstream tarball?

Tore Anderson

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