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Looking for a sponsor


I've packaged the book "Grokking the Gimp" by Carey Bunks.  Could
anybody sponsor me?

Whoever it is, he'd better have a fast link to the internet as the
package is >20MB.  I have uploaded all (except the .deb) files to
http://www.isotton.com/debian/grokking-the-gimp/.  As I only have a
64k link I'll upload the .deb only when the package is perfect :)

My previous sponsor said that the size of the package might be a
problem; I've already done what I can to reduce it, but the book
contains a lot of images, and as it is about graphics I cannot just
decrease their quality.
Aaron Isotton

My GPG Public Key: http://www.isotton.com/gpg-public-key

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