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Re: what to do with binary conffiles ?

Eric Van Buggenhaut <ericvb@debian.org> writes:

> Hi everyone,
> I'm the maintainer of crafty, a chess engine (http://packages.debian.org/crafty).
> When you install crafty for the first time, it installed compiled
> opening books in /var/lib/crafty. Then, as it plays against you, it
> 'learns' from the games and add the new moves to the opening books
> that live in /var/lib/crafty.

Put the book into doc/crafty/examples/default-book or
something. People might want to start fresh.

In postinst copy the file if not present.

An even better way would be the following:

1. keep the original book.
2. put newly learned stuff into a different file, a book-diff one
   could say. This could be in ~/.crafty/ or next to the original book
   depending on a debconf question and overridable by the users
   config. No need for your grandmaster chessplayer user to ruin
   crafty for everyone else.

Some notes:

Put the opening books into a extra deb (binary-all) if not yet.


PS: any chance of using the same format as chess for books? Once 30MB
should be enough for both.

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