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Manpage section

>>>>> "Esteban" == Esteban Manchado Velázquez <zoso@demiurgo.org> writes:

    Esteban> Hi.  I'm currently packaging picalib, a collection of
    Esteban> configuration files and alarms for a system
    Esteban> administration program (namely pica). I wish to write a
    Esteban> manpage explaining each "module", but I don't know which
    Esteban> manpage section is the best for picalib(*).  I suppose
    Esteban> it's 7, but I'd like other opinions.

I know nothing about pica, but most other programs have configuration
files documented in section 5 of the manual.

For example procmailrc printcap pop3lite.conf pfilter.conf etc.. all
lives in man 5

Apparently the 7-th section of the manual is for non-file information
(e.g. character sets, network protocols, SQL commands...)


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