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RE: obsolete, harmful conf files

On 24-Jun-2002 Oliver Kurth wrote:
> Hello!
> I have changed a package and made some files in /etc/pcmcia/ip-{up,down}.d/
> obsolete. Since they are in /etc they are conffiles. Since they are
> conffiles, they will not be removed on upgrade. Since they are
> also scripts, they are somewhat harmful.
> Should I...
> 1) remove them quitely (probably not)
> 2) ask via debconf if they should be deleted
> 3) move them out of the way, if so, where?
> 4) do nothing (bad idea, here for completeness)
> 5) [insert a better answer here]
> I did not find an answer in the policy, I hope I searched hard enough...

so by obsolete do they have new names?  has the functionality moved elsewhere?

The real answer depends on if the user is going to lose functionality (or gain
unwanted functionality).  If this is simply "I have renamed these and put them
in /etc/foo" you should be able to get away with debconf.  But if there is a
possibilty the user (and this should be a fair number of users, not like 1 or
2) have seriously mod'ed the file you have a bigger problem on your hands and
should consider supporting both the old and the new files.

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