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Re: lintian and statically link binaries

On 12-Jun-2002 Joey Hess wrote:
> Oliver Kurth wrote:
>> Hello!
>> I want to package cpuburn, this is a small collection of assembler
>> prgrams to test CPUs (x86 only). lintian gives me these errors:
>> oku@robin:~/debian/cpuburn-1.4$ lintian ../cpuburn_1.4-1_i386.deb
>> E: cpuburn: statically-linked-binary ./usr/sbin/burnBX
> I belive that's simply a limitation of file, it cannot tell program
> statically linked with libc from a hand-crafted assembly program. I'd
> override it.


lintian's goal is to catch silly omissions, mistakes, oops, etc from
maintainers.  A statically linked file is almost always an accident.  For the
20 or so packages that need statics we have overrides.

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