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Re: Bug#149486: FTBFS: bad build depends

Hello, I just received a bug report:

Package: simpleproxy
Version: 3.1-1
Severity: important

This package fails to build from source on the ia64 autobuilder with the

make: dh_testdir: Command not found

It would appear that you need to add a build dependency on debhelper.  A
complete build log is available at buildd.debian.org.

I already have this in the control file:
Build-Depends: debhelper (>> 3.0.0)

I have compared this line to other control files on my computer and it doesn't look malformed. Can anyone see something wrong? I am still in the new maintainer queue so I can't get into an ia64 machine to do any firsthand tests, making debugging kind of guesswork.

Looking at the build logs for my other (working) package I see this:
** Using build dependencies supplied by package:
Build-Depends: debhelper, file, flex, libglib1.2-dev, libgtk1.2-dev, tcl8.3-dev, texinfo, xlibs-dev

I do not see this in the build logs for simpleproxy, which implies that the Build-Depends line is not working correctly.

This is probably something stupid on my part, but I need some more eyes looking at it because I just don't see anything... :-)


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