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Re: packaging question

Junichi Uekawa <dancer@netfort.gr.jp> wrote:

> Users don't really need to care about python-version compatibility, 
> do they ? Their primary aim is to write code that works for them, not 
> write code that works on both.

They may care about Python version, because python*-xmms are Python
bindings for libxmms, so users of these packages are people who write
Python programs, and will perhaps want to test their programs on
different Python versions.

[ There are already several packages in Debian that present such a
layout (I mean python2.1-foo, python2.2-foo, python-foo):
python-numeric, python-imaging, python-tk and others. ]

My next package, pyxmms-remote, is an end-user (command-line) interface
to PyXMMS (upstream name for python-xmms). This one will simply depend
on (and use) python-xmms and therefore will follow the Debian default
Python version. This is possible because PyXMMS-remote consists only of
Python code, whereas PyXMMS contains Python and C code. The C code must
be compiled against a given Python version.


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