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Re: mentor request

On tor, mar 21, 2002 at 08:25:42 +1100, Craig Small wrote:
> > Here is a scan of my swedish ID-card: 
> >   http://www.tobbe.nu/images/id.jpg  (337Kb)
> Several things wrong with that:
>   - the photo ID must be in a signed email to your application manager
>   - that form of ID is only used if there is no way of signing your GPG
> 	key.

who should sign my gpg-key? I already have one.

> So here are my suggested steps
>  - ask for a sponsor of your packages

Anyone who likes to be sponsor of my packages, see previous mail..

>  - sponsor checks your packages, is happy with them or you fix them up
>    and uploads them
>  - You get a GPG key
>  - you ask sponsor to be advocate (most likely they agree but they don't
>    have to)
>  - Apply to be a Debian New Maintainer http://nm.debian.org/
>  - Advocate replies to NM email
>  - You get processed.
> Remember before you start the NM process you need a GPG key, an advocate
> and a reasonable idea of how to package something and the general
> philosophy behind Debian.  There are 21 Debian developers in Sweden so
> you might find someone real close.

thanks for your help.

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