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Re: Easy way to create a binary-only .DEB??

On Sun, Feb 17, 2002 at 09:21:11AM -0500, Craig wrote:
> Hi all,
>   Here's what i'm trying to do:
> * Create a .DEB that contains only 2 simple binaries, plus a couple of
> dependencies.  (i'll have another package, tar ball for right now, for the
> source code).

Deb packages contain binaries and dependencies and some doc.

> Can that be done?  You don't *REQUIRE* the source code to be in the .deb, do
> you?  Or is that how it works?

Deb packages don't contain source.

> I have done searches on google, debian.org, etc. but have not been able to find
> a clear description of how to do this.
> All the documentation i can find

Which docs would these be?  I think that between the debian-policy,
developers-reference and maint-guide packages it is quite clear about
how this all works.  It is a lot of reading, but it is necessary
reading.  If you try to take "short-cuts" by not reading all the doc,
you will likely end up with broken packages.

> talks about 2 types of .DEBs: source &
> binaries.

Not quite.  Source packages typically consist of an original tarball, a
.diff, and a .dsc (unless it is a native package, which doesn't have
a .diff).

> They then go into detail about creating a source DEB (using dh_make,
> dpkg-buildpackage, etc).

First, there is an error in your terminology.  There is no such thing
as a "source deb".  It is simply a Debian source package.  Second, yes
you will have to do this step before creating the binary package.

> I have also looked at the man pages for several tools
> i've seen mentioned.
> I did find this: "http://www.debian.org/doc/maint-guide/"; which was very
> useful.  But it mainly centers on a complete package build, including source
> code.
> I tried creating a './debian' directory in the project and creating the required
> files (control, changelog, etc) myself, but that didn't seem to work well:

There are tools that will allow you to create and maintain these files
in the proper format.  For the changelog, use "dch".  For the control
file, start with dh_make to create the control file and then hand-edit
it to give it a proper description, dependencies and so forth.

> carsnau@wombat:~/DEB/rpmon-1.0$  dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot
> parsechangelog/debian: error: unrecognised line, at changelog line 3
> dpkg-buildpackage: unable to determine source package
> Is there a web page anyone can point me to which describes a binary-only .deb
> creation, or any suggestions/hints/help people can offer?

Please install and read the three aforementioned documentation  
packages.  Our web site has links to these documents in various forms
as well.

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