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Buildd rejected my Build-depends:


The build daemon rejected (a previous version of) the package I maintain
(coq). I was wondering whether it was my fault or rather a buildd bug?

Here is what I did: my package build-depends on a compiler named ocaml
as well as a companion tool of ocaml, named camlp4. Formerly, ocaml and
camlp4 were independent packages, so I put the line

Build-depends: debhelper (>= 3), ocaml (>= 3.01), camlp4 (>= 3.01)

in the control file of my package.

The latest upstream version of ocaml now provides camlp4, and the debian
package Replaces:, Provides:, and Conflicts: camlp4. I expected that
just replacing "camlp4 (>= 3.01)" by "camlp4" (as virtual package do not
have any version number) would make my package ok both for the former
and the newer version of the ocaml package.

Unfortunately, this does make buildd unhappy (see 
http://buildd.debian.org/fetch.php?&pkg=coq&ver=7.2-2&arch=alpha&stamp=1011482278&file=log&as=raw for instance), as it tries to "apt-get install" both ocaml and camlp4, and "apt-get" does not seem to understand that camlp4 is a virtual package provided by ocaml (so it complains that camlp4 and ocaml conflict together).

Is this a bug of buildd or did I miss anything with virtual packages?
[NB : my question is not how to make buildd happy --- I already have a
workaround for this problem.]

Judicaël Courant.
Judicael.Courant@lri.fr, http://www.lri.fr/~jcourant/
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