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Re: QUestions about packaging debian .debs

On Sat, Jan 19, 2002 at 12:02:29AM -0500, Scott wrote:

> First question (of many to come):  using dpkg-buidpackage, I use the
> option -k<gpg key id> and sign the package successfully (I think).  How on
> earth do I check to see if the .deb is signed and correctly signed?
> During the process of the build, it asks me for my secret key/code and it
> says it was successful but I do not see my (gpg) signature anywhere.

This option is only used to specify which key to use when signing the .dsc
and .changes files (despite the confusing description in
dpkg-buildpackage(1)).  Signing the binary packages is a different matter,
and probably shouldn't be attempted with the current tools (yet).

You can verify the signatures with gpg by hand, or use the dscverify tool
from the devscripts package.

> Second question:  I am making a .deb that is for any platform (it is a
> perl script/config files.  But when I do the dpkg-buidpackage it makes the
> deb blahblahblah_i386.deb although in the config files I have stated that
> is for any platform.  What am I doing wrong?

Where did you specify this?  If you are getting an _i386.deb, you must not
have used Architecture: all in debian/control, which is the only place that

Note that you will still get an _i386.changes after you fix that, but this
is normal.

 - mdz

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