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Re: i18n, .po, .gmo, .mo puzzle

Robert Bihlmeyer dijo:
> Reading the gettext manual may help, especially the "Maintainer's
> view" chapter. I assume the package uses gettext and autoconf.

Great. I should have guessed 0:-)

> I assume the package uses gettext and autoconf.


> A "make install" in the "po" directory should install available
> catalogs. Does that install any catalogs at all?

I can't believe it!
installing es.gmo as /usr/share/locale/es/LC_MESSAGES/gnomekiss.mo

> Perhaps you just forgot to update ALL_LINGUAS in configure.in?

That's the only thing I could do myself, while looking at the doc found
in Gnome i18n groups. It looks like this:

ALL_LINGUAS="en_GB es es_ES"

I'll start reading and post a more concrete question once I know the
basics :-)


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