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i18n, .po, .gmo, .mo puzzle

Dear friends and developers...

I just translated the .po files for one of my packages (gnomekiss) and I
am having trouble getting the i18n stuff installed.

Please, bear with me, as this is my first attepmt to get in terms with
gettext, .po, gtranslator and the rest of the crew :-)

First I have seen that alll the "normal" apps have their i18n stuff
installed under /usr/share/locale/$LANG/LC_MESSAGES/ and that all the
files there are called *.mo.

Then I see that my own package installs nothing there at all. And the
files I get under po/ are all name *.gmo ¿?. This puzzles me to no avail
and I really do not know how to proceed. 

Please tell me what to read ;-)

I looked at debian/rules files for similar packages and I see there's
nothing special to be done, so I guess upstream is not doing something
right in his Makefile. But, what exactly should I tell him on this? 

Thank you very much for your time...

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