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why did the ocaml package not enter woody ?

Hello, ...

I maintain the ocaml package, and am wondering if there is any way to check
why the ocaml package has not entered woody/testing.

It has been build since november 10 on all 8 architectures going to be
released with woody, and there is no bug (apart a very old wishlist bug which
i will grant after woody is releaseD).

Now, the current version of ocaml in woody (3.01-6.1) is old there have been
3.02 package for a long time.

The result of this is that the lablgtk package, which depends on lablgl and
ocaml is not present in woody, which is _not_ a nice thing. Also the current
version of both lablgl and lablgtk in unstable are incompatible with 3.01.

Please someone point me to the right place to bring this kind of problems.


Sven Luther

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