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Re: lintian + man page question

On Thu, Nov 08, 2001 at 05:31:15PM -0600, Warren Turkal wrote:

> Is there any kind of documentation that comes with it. If the program 
> has a --help, you may want to include its output. For the package I 
> did, I converted the docbook xml to manpage format.

I'm not sure to see your point.
The defendguin-0.0.6/debian/rules file is used tu build the package. In
fact it is a Makefile that call the dh_installmanpages in the binary-arch
target (which is, I think, the target that builds the package).

The dh_installmanpages is part of debhelper. You can look at the debhelper
manpage to have an overview on what it provides. You can also have a look
at the dh_installmanpages to understand what this programs exactly does.
(Basically, it searches for any file that looks like a man page, and installs

However, I'm not really aware on everything about building packages (I'm not a
debian developper), so my explanations may be wrong. We should continue this
discussion in the debian-mentors mailing-list so that other people can correct
what I say wrong.



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