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Re: lintian - man pages

> E: redael: binary-without-manpage redael
> E: redael: binary-without-manpage redael-filmview
> W: redael: file-in-unusual-dir share/man/man1/redael.1
> W: redael: file-in-unusual-dir share/man/man1/redael-filmview.1

try installing the man pages into usr/share/man/man1

> W: redael: package-contains-upstream-install-documentation usr/share/doc/redael/INSTALL
> E: redael: symlink-should-be-relative usr/share/doc/redael/INSTALL /usr/share/automake/INSTALL
> A generic INSTALL is required by GNU standards, no?  i'm using autotools
> to build stuff.  Should i replace the symlink with a copy of the file?

well, as packages are already installed, and INSTALL Document isn't very
useful with Debian, is it?
Configuration should go into other Documentation files.

The E: is about relative symlinks, so your links work withing chroots.


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