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Re: Need experienced perl module maintainer for a second pair of eyes on my package

I really appreciate the comments, thanks.

On Fri, 5 Oct 2001 08:36:45 -0500, Ardo van Rangelrooij
<ardo@debian.org> wrote:
> - The Build-Depends should be on debhelper (>= 3.0.18) per policy.


> - Why is there an empty /usr/lib/perl5 directory in your package?

Because the Makefile generated by MakeMaker makes that directory on
install. I now delete it after installation. Any idea how to make
MakeMaker stop generating that directory?

> - Please remove the 'local' at the bottom of the changelog (using
>   the dpkg-dev-el package automatically takes care of this).


> - The debian/rules is not in accordance with the Perl Policy, e.g
>   you shouldn't define PERL,

Fixed. I don't exactly understand why, though.

> the 'make install' contains more than  necessary,


> the 'make' shouldn't define the LD_RUN_PATH,


> you define
>   INSTALLDIRS=perl5 but you don't use it, etc.

That is not a policy violation ;)

Fixed anyway.

> I would suggest to
>   take a look at one of my packages for ideas.

the rules file from libdbd-ram-perl doesn't look _that_ different ;)

> - You should also install the upstream Changes.
> - Please also consider to install the README for completeness.

Both added to debian/docs, and the new package uploaded to
for a second review.

>By the way, is this a Debian only package?  I noticed you had the debian
>directory in the .orig.tar.gz file and als a diff file.

This is currently a Debian only package, but I want to reserve the
possibility to publish the module outside of Debian. So I treat it as
a non-debian-native package where upstream has a Debian tree, as well.
The new version has the current debian directory in the "upstream"
tarball which makes the diff pretty small. If new Debian versions
become necessary without bumping the upstream version number, changes
to the debian directory will go into the diff, leaving the "upstream"
tarball intact.

Thanks again for your comments. I'd appreciate if you could take
another look at the new package. Thanks in advance.


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