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Packaging ns-2 network simulator

I've managed to create working packages for the ns-2 network simulator and 
it's two dependent packages "otcl" an extension to Tcl, and "tclcl" an 
interface between otcl and C++. They work OK and pass almost all lintian 
checks (a couple of missing man pages and some cleanups to do). I know have a 
couple of questions:

1. Is anyone interested in these packages or are they purely of minority 
interest to academics like me?

2. The ns binary is called "ns" which conflicts with a binary from the host 
package. I've renamed the binary and man page to "ns2" which works, but I'm 
wondering if anyone has any good suggestions on if this is the right way to 
go about this.

3. The ns package has a quite ludicrous number of different licenses attached 
to it, is there someone who I can get to have a look at it and decide what 
exactly the free-ness of it is? tclcl is also under the old BSD license which 
I'm not sure is free enough for Debian main.

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