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Re: About NM, email and spam

Hamish Moffatt <hamish@debian.org> wrote:
> Well, Word and Outlook warn you if you open a file with macros that
> the macros may be viruses. Outlook could look for attachments which
> have executable extensions and do the same thing.

I don't think the warning that macros could be virii actually achieves
anything. Users just hit the "Yeah, whatever" button and get infected
anyway. Hitting those buttons becomes a reflex with no thought at all.

I think the proper solution is to quit blurring the line between word
processor and development environment / scripting host. Or at a minimum,
running the macros in a secure sandbox so the damage they can do is

Saving idiot users from untrusted active content (executables) is always
going to be impossible.

Limiting user privileges by default could help, but then most people would
just log in as Administrator all the time... :/

> Or maybe MS could get out of the habit of hiding file extensions.

... but those file extension thingys are just too confusing! How am I
supposed to know what they mean? The computer should just do what I want!
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