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Re: g++ 3.0

Matt Zimmerman <mdz@debian.org> writes:

> If the problem occurs only on certain architectures, you may want to try it
> yourself on as many as possible before switching entirely to
> g++-3.0.

Well, the package in question needs proprietary data to work. I'd have
to upload this (large) data to a Debian machine -- a thing I'd rather

Furthermore, some weeks ago, I asked here for a machine for developers
with gcc 3.0 on it, and got no satisfactory answers.

> On some Debian architectures, 3.0 is already the default compiler
> (see the source for gcc-defaults, I think). If those are the same
> architectures where your package has problems, then there is no
> problem for Debian.

Alpha is one problem child. AFAIK only mips* use 3.0 by default,

> As long as it doesn't link against any other C++ libraries, it should work,
> yes.

I bit the bullet and made the change for all archs. I can always
downgrade single archs when bug reports accumulate. In that case, I'll
also have at least one tester for that arch at hand.


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