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g++ 3.0

I have a package (exult) using C++. It reportedly does not work very
good on certain architectures when compiled with g++ 2.95, so I want
to move it to g++ 3.0.

I read on -devel that compiling packages with g++ 3 is problematic
since they will not correctly link with C++ libraries built with an
older compiler. I figure this will not be a problem for my package
because it does not depend on any C++ libraries other than libstdc++,
which should be ok. Normal C libraries are no bother, I assume. Is
this correct?

If yes, I'd like to have comments on my method: I build-depend on
g++-3.0, and do "CC=gcc-3.0 CXX=g++-3.0 ./configure ..." in my rules.


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