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Re: Procedural clarification

"Greg Wiley" <greg@orthogony.com> writes:

> The question is: which do I do first, announce my intentions to
> debian-devel or submit a new main- tainer application? The
> application seems to want me to announce. Other docs seem to
> indicate that I should become a maintainer first.

You can become a NM without having a package in Debian. Showing off a
good package is a fine way, to demonstrate that you have the necessary
skills, but it is this package need not be an official Debian one.

OTOH, you don't have to be a Debian developer to contribute official
packages. If you aren't, you need a sponsor who is a developer. S/he
will check if your package is done right, and provide the stamp of
approval so it can be uploaded into Debian.

Nowadays, you also need an advocate who is a Debian develper, to get
into the NM queue.

Following from all this, I recommend:

1. Announce that you're willing to adopt package X, but that you'll
   need a sponsor. Don't forget to Cc: the WNPP bug for package X.
2. Wait until a sponsor contacts you.
3. Do the necessary work on package X, and send the results to your
   sponsor. Repeat until s/he is satisfied -- then your package will
   be uploaded by the sponsor.
4. Ask your sponsor whether s/he would advocate for you. If s/he is
   willing, apply for NM.


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