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Re: GPG Key Signing <Pine.LNX.4.30.0106291016180.5417-100000@tennyson.netexpress.net>

>>"Jimmy" == Jimmy Kaplowitz <jimmy@debian.org> writes:

 Jimmy> I noticed in your protocol that you say the name on the IDs
 Jimmy> must match the name on the key. When I had my key signed, I
 Jimmy> showed ID that had the name "James Kaplowitz", which is my
 Jimmy> legal name. On my key, I had the name I go by in everyday
 Jimmy> life, which is "Jimmy Kaplowitz". This wasn't a problem for
 Jimmy> the Debian developer who signed my key. Would you have a
 Jimmy> problem with common nicknames such as Jimmy, or would you need
 Jimmy> to see documentation that Jimmy and James were the same
 Jimmy> person? If you would need the documentation, what sort 
 Jimmy> of thing would you want to see?

	Jimmy/James are acceptable social contractions/tranforms. I'd
 not have any issues with that either.  But if you try to say that
 James Kaplowitz owns an ID William.H.Gates@microsoft.com, well, I
 would have a slight problem with that. 

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