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Re: Depricating a library

Daniel Stone <daniel@sfarc.net> writes:

> and make new versions of qtecasound and evawave, that have
> Conflicts: libqtecasound, to make sure it gets removed from systems
> as well.

This is overzealous unless the new versions do actually conflict with
the old lib (which I assume is not the case). With that people are
unnecessarily prevented from having an old version of qtecasound
(needs the lib) and a new version of ecawave (conflicts with the lib)
installed together.

Ensuring the purge of an old library from users' machines is not the
maintainer's task. Appearance of the package in dselect's
obsolete/local section, and tools like deborphan should suffice.

If you want to provide further hints, upload a final version containing
"you can remove me without ill effects" in the description.


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