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Status update: GLib/GTK+ 1.3 CVS


A brief follow-up to my post last weekend. The current
status of my test packages are as follows:

GLib - packages created. RFC - I am not a seasoned
developer (yet!), any advice more than welcome.

Gtk-doc - needed if you want to recompile GNOME CVS
modules (including GLib). I have packaged the CVS
version, should be stable as I just applied the debian
scripts from gtk-doc-package in sid

Pango - stuck, problem with shlibs:Depends not being
accepted by dpkg-gencontrol as a result of which
package has no dependencies. See post to
debian-mentors, any help very appreciated

   both waiting for Pango

Packages downloadable from

Any new (and would-be) maintainers wanting to put up
Debian packages for review more than welcome to put it
there as well, just shout :)



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