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Newbie packaging questions

Hi all,

I'm trying to put together my own package for gnu-smalltalk, and I'm getting
there, but I have some general questions.

The current package is split into a main package and a docs package. It's
based on gst 1.8.1 and I'm working with 1.95.4. There are some major changes
in the package wrt automake or autoconf (or something, I'm actually not to
familiar with the process, which is the problem). Basically, when I build my
package it makes the correct packages, but the docs are included in both
packages. Looking at the diffs for the old package seems to be getting me
nowhere, because the build method looks totally different to me. I guess I
just need help locating what parts in the Makefile.in (I guess that's what
controls this) are involved. I'm sure that's totally vague, but if someone
could point me in the right direction or let me know what info is required
to help out that would be great. Should I just read up on automake/autoconf,
or is there some simple way to do this?

So that's one particular problem I'm having, but I was also wondering about
the general concepts... When you have a single source bundle with a set of
makefiles that build and install everything, what's the correct way to split
things up? It looks like the current maintainer just commented out the docs
installs and moved them into debian/rules, but what if the split was more
complicated? I've gathered that debhelper throws the docs into the -doc
package because it's marked arch-indep, but what if you had multiple
architecture-dependant packages? How does debian/rules know what goes in
which package? It's all magic to me at the moment...  I haven't seen any
docs that cover this stuff yet - if anyone can point them out...

Anyhow, I have some other major problems, but I should probably not flood
the list with my troubles just yet.

Any help is appreciated, thanks. (Gonna go RTFM as well...)

-- Brett

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