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Re: Making package.

Hi Tommy!

You wrote:

> Hi guys. I'm trying to put together a package that contains a single
> binary program and have followed all the steps in the New Maintainor's
> guide and have managed to form the binary package. For some reason when I
> do:
> dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot it compiles fine and asks me for my gpg
> password which works fine, but for some reason it says that source package
> will not be included.

You probably don't have a ../package_version.orig.tar.gz file.

> One thing that I notice when I run lintian -i it tells me that the program
> should have a man page. What do I do if this program didn't shop with
> one. This program has its documentation in different files.

The best thing is to write your own man page. It's not that hard, and
since the package does have documentation, it's probably just cut'n'past

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