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Advice regarding splitting package 'hitop'

I was wondering about doing this for some time, but events have
forced my hand. hitop build-depends against libpgsql-dev which has
become main/non-US.

The situation as it stands is that 'hitop', a HTML preprocessor with
pretentions to be an web-based application server, is one package. It
is built in a modular fashion, whereby the 'plugins' (.so files) are
dynamically linked when required at run-time. These plugins extend
the functionality of core hitop, providing, for example, database
connectivity. One such database plugin is for Postgresql.

As most hitop users won't want to use the Postgresql plugin, I made
the package Suggest libpgsql, since it merely provides additional
features (makes plugin postgres.so work).

My question is: would it be sensible to separate the plugins which
have additional dependencies into separate packages (one for
Postgres, another for MySQL, etc.)?

If I did this, would I still have to move the hitop packages into
non-US (since it would still build-depend upon libpgsql-dev which is
now non-US)? Is there any way around this? Should I even care which
part of the archive it goes in?

Andrew Stribblehill <ads@debian.org>
Systems programmer, IT Service, University of Durham, England

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