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Re: diversions

> You should contact them. Also, please understand one thing about diversions:
> once you add one, you must keep the code to *remove* it around. Even if stop
> doing a diversion, you will need to move the code to remove it from the *rm
> scripts to the postinst script (to remove it on upgrades from old packages)
> -- and you'll stay with that cruft in your postinst for as long as the
> package is in Debian (or for two full Debian stable releases after the one
> where the diversion was removed, whichever happens sooner).

This doesn't scare me. But say I want to remove that diversion in the
future but still keep the code to remove it. Won't it break the
installation process whenever someone makes an update from a package that
already did remove the diversion ?

Actually the error could be ignored within the script:
dpkg-divert --remove [blablabla] || echo No diversion, no worries.

I have sent a message to the maintainers or lpr, lprng and cups. How
much time do I have to wait before comitting my package ?


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