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Re: Package installation delay

> I'm a new mantainer. Last week (April 3rd) I uploaded two (new) packages:
> towitoko (libtowitoko2 and libtowitoko-dev) and pcsc-lite (pcscd,
> libpcsclite0 and libpcsclite-dev).
> But I have only received confirmation of the installation of towitoko, and
> not of pcsc-lite.
> I only wanted to know if this is normal, or it means that there is
> something wrong with the second package. In this case, where should I
> check if there is something wrong?

New packages are installed whenever James Troup gets around to installing
them.  The amount of time you have to wait is variable, but is generally
a week or two.  As long as you can see the packages in Incoming, you
probably don't have anything to worry about.


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